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Nuvoryn South Africa

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Nuvoryn is a UK based Diet Pill that is being widely advertised in South Africa. I am not in the habit of providing a negative review but when people are being placed in a situation where they are bound to lose their money then it is a different situation.

I am not commenting on the effectiveness of Nuvoryn as a diet pill but rather on the devious manner in which it is being marketed to South Africa.

Is Shipped from the UK and not South Africa
Contains Damiana which is banned in S.A
Will probably be confiscated at Customs
See Complaints about Nuvoryn on Hellopeter.com

Nuvoryn in South Africa

South Africa has a law which prevents South African residents from purchasing any type of medication, herbal or otherwise, from overseas. If special circumstances necessitate the purchase of medications from abroad then a special import permit must first be obtained from the MCC. This permit requires substantiation from a registered medical doctor.

Diet pills such as Nuvoryn, Phen375, Proactol, Capsiplex, etc are all overseas based medications and as such may not be legally bought by S.A residents. Although Customs do sometimes allow some diet pills to slip through into the country, Nuvoryn does contain a substance which is totally banned in S.A and as a result they will destroy the product as soon as it comes into S.A.

My Advice - Rather stick to a S.A based product!!
Further complications in the whole Nurovyn Scam is the fact that although the website appears to be a locally based website it is not!

Nuroyn.co.za is owned and registered to a certain Anthony Durazo from France as per below domain register extract .
Nurovyn scam