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Why use Slimming Tablets to Lose Weight

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Slimming and weight loss is as a result of lowering your calorie intake and increasing your energy usage to force your body to burn fat reserves.

Lowering calorie intake means "Diet" which is a four letter word. You become moody, are always hungry and the weight loss is slow. Besides as soon as you finish your diet it seems as if the weight comes flooding back and in a couple of weeks you are worse off than you were before.

Increasing exercise means joining a gym and spending hours trying to sweat the fat away. The amount of hard exercise needed to effectively lose weight falls in the area of at least 1hour per day. Do you have an extra hour a day to go sweat?
Besides recent independent research revealed that less than 15% of weight loss is attributed to exercise.
Less than 25% of weight loss is attributed to diet.
While there are many speculations as to the balance of 60% of weight loss, I firmly believe that this is entirely as a result of your metabolism.

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body converts calories and fat into energy. As you age and also due to many other factors, your metabolism tends to slow down by as much as 35%.

This means that even though you eat the same amount of food and exercise the same amount you gain weight far faster than ever before.


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